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In 2013, Bogidar and Emmanuelle open their own workshop.

After a pleasant 30 minute drive from Avignon, you will find yourself at our workshop in the typically Provencal village of Caromb.

This lovely setting has the benefit of a peaceful environment, ideal for our creations.

The main activity in our workshop is violin, viola and cello making; Bogidar is in charge of this department.

Meanwhile, Emmanuelle dedicates her skills to fixing and restoring the instruments.

Bogidar Vermand


From his early childhood, Bogidar has been passionate about music and handwork, and especially woodwork. He discovered his vocation whilst studying for a degree in Musicology at University. At that point, he realised that both of his passions could be combined in equal proportions in the violin making world.

Ever since commencing the lutherie course at the “Ecole Nationale de Lutherie de Mirecourt”, he has taken immense pleasure in what he does. Instrument making is the activity that comes to Bogidar most naturally and he always develops his knowledge and skills by regular contact with the musicians. He also has a great interest in developing the aesthetic side of instruments and always concentrates on improving their sound.

This ever growing enthusiasm leads him to take part in many events, exhibitions, meetings and courses in France and all over the world.


  • Second place in the “Concours de l’Institut National des Metiers d’Art à Paris” (INMA) with a cello made after Gand père.


  • Diploma of Craftmanship, Vaucluse Chamber of Trade and Crafts
  • Diploma of Arts and Crafts (DMA), École Nationale de Lutherie de Mirecourt
  • Certificate of Professional Capacities (CAP) Lutherie, Mirecourt
  • Degree in Musicology, University of Rouen (France)

Placements and Courses

  • Florian Leonhard, London, Restoration
  • Atelier Meteny Pascal Gilis, Brussels, Restoration/Repair
  • Yaïr Hod Fainas, Paris, New making
  • Claire Mollimard, Toulouse, Restoration
  • Xavier Walger, Toulouse, Restoration
  • Bru et Perrin, Paris, Restoration


Emmanuelle started playing the violin as a teenager and went on to study ensemble music.

She started to show a promising interest in the profession of violin making and then decide to leave Quebec, where she was born, for Mirecourt in France when she was only 17 year old.

There she studied at the “Ecole Nationale de Lutherie”, graduating three years later with a Diplome des Métiers d’Art (DMA).

She then visited several workshops abroad (France, Spain and UK) in order to gain and develop more acknowledge and skills. She is now specialising in repair and restoration.


  • Diploma of Craftmanship, Vaucluse Chamber of Trade and Crafts
  • Diploma of Arts and Crafts (DMA), École Nationale de Lutherie de Mirecourt

Placements and Courses

  • John Dilworth, London, Restoration
  • Laurent Lopez, Madrid, Restoration/Repair
  • Jean-Pierre Voinson, Mirecourt (Fr), Restoration/Repair
  • Jean-Christophe Graff, Strasbourg, Restoration
  • Wilder & Davis, Montreal, Restoration/Repair
  • Olivier Pérot, Montreal, Restoration/Repa
Emmanuelle Dion Vermand